Naked Beginners 101

What Does a Normal Vagina Look Like?

Vagina's come in all colors, shapes and sizes but what does a "normal" vagina look like?



Truth of the matter is, there is no typical looking vagina, all vagina’s look different.

Everything varies from the labia majora (your vaginal outer lips), labia minora (the lips on the inside of the bigger lips. These are usually bigger on one side than the other), clitoris size (typically the size of the tip of q-tip, but this also varies), clitoral hood, mons pubis (the area on the top of your vagina, just above where the line is) and the style/color/texture of public hair varies too.

Media standards and pornography have created a world in which there is an “ideal” vagina that looks pink, has small vaginal lips and it appears tight, but the reality is, while those may exist in some women, there are more vagina’s that don’t look like that than those that do.

Vagina’s come in a variety of colors! They can be tan, brown, pink, and even have purplish tone, vagina colors vary amongst people. They all also taste different and smell different, which all depends on your body’s pheromones and what you eat. Some say that pineapple can help make your vagina taste sweeter–> that is, if your partner likes that.

Some people dye their vaginal skin to make it appear more pink, just as some people shave, and wax their vagina’s to make it appear different.

If you’re interested in getting to know more about the vagina, get to know all about it here, but be wary, there are textbook like photos, so if you’re at work, and it’s not a vagina safe environment, you may want to wait until later to explore!

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