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Open Letter to UMich Girl Who Posted “You Gave Me Chlamydia” Fliers

Peppers-Michigan-RSBarstool Sports, a popular website for men that focuses on sports news, articles and hot women just posted an article about a girl who posted fliers all over Mason Hall, at the University of Michigan stating that the school’s football player, second-year safety, Jabrill Peppers gave her Chlamydia on Monday afternoon.

Read the original post here!

Jabrill responded on social media by saying,

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 1.55.40 PM



Dear Girl,

There are so many problems with this situation but what really caught my eye is that you admit to having unprotected sex but blame him for chlamydia? If you know that this man is sexually active with many different women, isn’t it also your responsibility to make sure you use protection to protect your body when sleeping with this man?

Old-Female-CondomThere is such thing as a female condom, and his “size” requirements wouldn’t matter, as it fits all sizes. Read about it.
Chlamydia is one of the most popularly transmitted sexually transmitted infections amongst men and women ages 15-24 years old. It often does not present with symptoms, and the symptoms that do exist can often feel quite normal, similar to a yeast infection, period cramping, and/or a urinary tract infection (i.e. discharge, itching, redness, burning).

Maybe what you DON’T know is that it also takes about 2 weeks for an infection that has been transmitted to show up in testing (and up to 3-6 months for HIV). He may have been tested, but if he had slept with someone a week before getting tested and that person gave him something, chances are it may not have shown up on the exam he had. Maybe he didn’t lie?
I’m sorry that you contracted Chlamydia. Luckily for you it is treatable and hopefully you caught it in time so you don’t have other damages because of it. If this was the first time this happened, I’d understand you trusting the man, but it is not fair, nor ethical to blame the man for giving you an infection which you could have very easily have protected yourself from by being smart, using protection and more importantly NOT accepting a lame excuse such as: “I have to use certain condoms” — 

Let me remind you, YOU made the decision to have unprotected sex with him – maybe he’s the best sex of your life and you can’t fathom the idea of not having sex with him; but even in that case, you too can ask for the brand and get the condoms yourself or buy female condoms, and then excuses wouldn’t be an option.

For someone who values monogamy so much, it’s also interesting that you chose to knowingly sleep with a man who had a girlfriend and still decided to have sex with him. So much for you only being “monogamous”…

560ec007ddc1d0a878b6cc138581b62eEach person who takes part in any sexual act is responsible for his or her own body-– you have a responsibility and clearly you didn’t take any. Everyone is entitled to sleep with whomever they want, and whenever they want so long as it is consensual; and while monogamy is preferred by many, it is not wrong to not be monogamous. It is not wrong to be sexually active with many people, it just means you need to be safe about your decisions, and use as must protection as you can to create a safe environment for your body to enjoy itself.

Sometimes people don’t know they’re infected, you said it yourself, and even if he did– you chose to sleep with him without a condom. Take responsibility instead of writing of posting fliers to try and ruin his reputation. The only person here who needs a lesson learned is YOU, don’t take excuses for an answer, if you don’t have a condom, you don’t do it.


Honestly Naked.




Fun fact: apparently the Kings of Leon song “Sex on Fire” is about Chlamydia– because sex can create a burning sensation in your vagina/penis when infected.

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