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The Orgasm Injection- To Get It or Not?

Inject your vagina and increase your ability to feel pleasure and orgasm? Yes, you read correctly! There is a new procedure on the market that has become very desirable by lots of women.

PRP, platelet rich plasma is said to stimulate vaginal pleasure for women who suffer from vaginal dysfunction, lack of pleasure or simply for women who want more stimulation and pleasure. An estimated 150,000 women have already had the shot, and it apparently does not have many side effects since the PRP is created from your own blood.

ed42b311a42713e3d452da711b5e6222The product is called PRP: platelet rich plasma, which is just blood plasma that is enriched with platelets derived from your own blood that is used to heal and regrow soft tissue in places it is injected.

PRP is used for vaginal stimulation because it stimulates healing and regrowth vaginal tissues that are sensitive and responsible for pleasurable stimulation. When enhancing the tissues, they’re more sensitive.

This process began in the 1990’s for use in facial plastic surgery to allow for regrowth of facial tissues. Facial tissue is incredibly sensitive, just like the vagina! The clinical trials for vaginal uses of PCP began in 2011 by Dr. Samuel Wood, a reproductive endocrinologist in San Diego, CA, but the specific O-Shot for the vagina was founded by Charles Reunels MD.

It costs about $1200-$1500 per visit and each visit lasts around 18 months. Apparently, it can also be used consistently. (I’m not sure how I feel about this because research is lacking since this is so new, especially when used vaginally.)


How do they doctors make the PRP? 

  1. Your blood is drawn, and spun in a high moving machine, which creates a layer of platelet rich plasma from your own blood.
  2. Next, the physical will conduct vaginal mapping, in which the physician or nurse will explore your vagina with you to find the most pleasurable and sensitive part of your vagina that will benefit most from the injection.
  3. The injection site is given a bit of numbing cream to ease the site of injection, which is said to not be very painful. In some cases, some of the PRP is injected into the clitoris as well. [Cosmo]
  4. PRP is then injected into the sensitive spot in the vagina to stimulate new tissue growth and increase its sensitivity.
  5. Orgasms are more intense, and vaginal ejaculation can become possible too due to increased sensitivity.


What you NEED to know?

Dr. Lauren Streitcher, MD, mentions that 25% of women have an orgasm dysfunction, but this doesn’t need to be considered a dysfunction– it is important that people know that many women experience orgasms differently, including level of strength, feeling and stimulation both internally and clitorally. More importantly, only 25% of women can consistently experience vaginal orgasms on a consistent basis and some women even prefer to experience sex or foreplay without orgasm due to the feeling or intensity.

About half of women sometimes have orgasms during intercourse. About 20 percent seldom or ever have orgasms during intercourse. And about 5 percent never have orgasms, period.- [PsychologyToday]

As a sexologist, this O-Shot can be helpful to many women, but it is important to acknowledge that this procedure (like Viagra for men) can also set very unreasonable high expectations from both you and your partner(s) because the vagina is a sensitive area of the body. The vagina does not act like a robot!

The shot may make you more sensitive, but part of the joy of sex (including foreplay) is the journey of learning about your bodies. Pleasure can take time, communication, compromise, practice and exploration both together with partners or solo!

Furthermore, if you’re experiencing loss of vaginal stimulation, pain or discomfort, you ought to be medically assessed by a medical professional before jumping towards receiving a procedure like this as there are many vaginal dysfunctions that can cause difficulty orgasming.

If your medical professional suggests this may be the procedure for you, find a PRP Provider near you here


One comment

  1. Thank you very much for this very informative article!

    Dr Runels taught the O-Shot to Dr Wood.
    Dr Runels also started & completed the first research showing the O-Shot works. He also did a second research project showing the procedure helps lichen sclerosus.
    That research is on the research page if the main website.

    Women need this procedure and I’m very grateful for your excellent article!

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