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Bang Fit: A Banging Way to Stay in Shape

Bang Fit, the new app that let's you tone your muscles while having sex, all at the same time!

You know the saying, “there’s an app for that”? Well, now we can use it for almost everything, even sex.

Close your jaw dropping mouth because I am about to tell you about an app that literally turns your sex life into a fitness routine.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 6.43.28 PM.png

PornHub (NSFW) took it upon themselves to open adult’s eyes to their mundane lives with no exercise whatsoever by creating a phone application called Bang Fit. As if the title isn’t self explanatory, here is what this app entails.

Bang Fit allows a couple to tone their muscles while gaining pleasure in the process. Why go to the gym and sweat like a pig when you can have sex and glisten while getting fit? There are different routines that you can pick in terms of position, speed, and muscles to tighten up, all the while the app is praising you for you sextastic work. Doing great? Working hard to please your partner? The app will tell you. Points are even rewarded! Adults can now play video games in a mature, stimulating way.

Now comes the question: why use Bang Fit?

First things first, having sex is healthy! If you are in a relationship and you both are in a gym rut, all you have to do is run Bang Fit and follow a routine of mind blowing (pun intended) positions for just under forty minutes to sweat off the ice cream you ate last night for dinner. You may not be motivated to run those calories off, but you can always find time for sex. There is no better way to get in your cardio than finishing off with a pleasurable orgasm. Something I know for sure, I cannot gain from running three miles at the gym.

Second answer: while this may be super weird to use when you barely know the person you are beginning to become intimate with, people in relationships may feel differently. Sometimes sex becomes boring, a repetitive act, the same thing over and over. It could take the spark out of a couple. Bang Fit literally tells you what to do so you and your partner don’t have to stick to your same sex routine. You can choose from a variety of positions and it is something new to spice up just “doing it.”

So, download the app, and bang until you’re fit!

For more information, check out PornHub’s website on the app: Bang Fit — (NSFW)


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