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Can You Have Sex Before The Gyno, Yes or No?

One common question that many women have is

can I have sex before I go to the gynecologist? 

So… can you?

It depends!


If you’re going to the gynecologist to receive a check up due to abnormal vaginal symptoms that you’re experiencing vaginally, such as burning, itching, or pain, internally or externally, it is suggested that you refrain from intercourse until you’ve been examined and you’ve gotten your test results back. Abnormal symptoms can be from different types conditions like endometriosis, vaginitis or vulvodynia or infections, including sexually transmitted infections– but these symptoms of discomfort do not have to be caused by sexually transmitted infections!

Vaginitis, which can be bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections, and atrophic vaginitis can cause vaginal discomfort similar to STI symptoms so it’s important to have your symptoms checked by a doctor. Trichomoniasis, is also a type of vaginitis caused by a contagious parasite that can be transmitted through sexual contact. FYI: men can get trichomoniasis too.

If you’ve used Monistat, or any over the counter vaginal medication for something you thought you had and may have self diagnosed, make sure to tell your doctor too, as this can effect your exam.

If you’re going for your yearly check up you’ll probably receive a pap smear. This is a gynecological exam that tests for cervical abnormalities & cervical cancer, often related to HPV (human papillomavirus).

Naked Fact: 3 out of 4 women will contract HPV at some point in their lifetime, condoms do not always protect you from it, and it can resolve itself in time but does not always. 

Some professionals (not all) suggest refraining from intercourse for 24 hours prior to your Pap smear to yield the most accurate results. The pH level of your vagina can be altered due to lubricants, spermicides, remnants of seminal fluid, which can in turn affect your results. [VeryWell]


Getting a pap smear right after your period can also make it difficult for the test to yield accurate results as blood can interfere with the accuracy of the test. When getting a pap smear, it’s best to wait 10-20 days from your last menstrual cycle to avoid any complications.

So… the answer is, sure, you could have sex before a trip to the gynecologist, but research says some gynecologists suggest you should ABSTAIN from sex for 24 HOURS prior to your appointment to allow for the most accurate test results, and who wouldn’t want that!!

Important! Keep in mind, it is important to be honest with your doctor if you did have sex prior to your appointment so they can keep that in mind during your exam and testing.

*If you have any questions, always ask your healthcare provider — every body is different and requires different care and treatment* 

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