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Cliff Notes for the Clitoris: OMGYES

Masturbation technique is a thing, and yes you need to learn about it! Meet OMGYES

Oh My Goodness, yes, this is REAL! Meet the virtual guide that teaches you how to masturbate and achieve pleasure through clitoral stimulation.

Masturbation technique, yes there is such a thing, and yes you should learn about it. Sex researchers have explored physiological connections between behavior and sexual pleasure, but until now, no one had studied the techniques used to achieve clitoral pleasure and satisfaction through masturbatory techniques.

NOTE: there is no one right way to stimulate a vagina, there are different techniques, and sometimes we need more than one technique to do the trick! 

Meet, the most revolutionary interactive explanatory website that teaches YOU how to master YOUR clitoris through virtual stimulation. is a website that can be used across many platforms including tablets, iPads, iPhones, androids and computers so you can use it anywhere and everywhere. Most importantly, it teaches you and your partner interactive new ways to successfully explore your vagina or theirs. 


So, how does it work?

OMGYES is an interactive website (not an app!) that provides videos in which women, of all ages, races and genders explore the different ways that they masturbate. The videos include women explaining and demonstrating the techniques they use, how they work, how they discovered them and why they feel good.

The videos do contain nudity, because the women show you how they masturbate so it’s NSFW, but it is SFYB (safe for your bedroom) which is exactly where you should use it! The videos are made by real women, no scripts-no actors and while they may not be safe for work, they’re not pornographic either.
ipad-sim.jpgWith the world’s first touchable video, as you touch the virtual vagina on the screen you’ll receive feedback from a simulated woman so you can practice on her vagina before you try it on your own body. The website provides interactive simulated touchable vaginas that are accompanied by voices guiding you to stimulate the virtual vagina before attempting to stimulate your own.

You know they say practice makes perfect, and gives you the perfect practice. If you stimulate the virtual vagina correctly and follow the directions from the virtual person, the screen goes white to tell you she climaxed!

Sex Therapy Tip: Sometimes showing a partner what you like can be a bit nerve wracking. This app provides you with a great tool: a virtual vagina! Use this tool to show your partner what you like, and how you like it! It takes away some of the initial nervousness out of the picture, and still allows you to communicate. It also acts as a buffer for you to use while showing your partner what you like on your vagina too.


couple.jpgUnfortunately, due to culture and societal views of sexuality, many individuals are fearful of exploring their genitals with their partners and even alone. While was created to teach masturbatory techniques, it’s also a fabulous tool that can facilitate exploration of a vagina in general. This is a great tool for utilizing with a partner, as it takes away the insecurity or discomfort of giving a tour of your own vagina that many individuals may encounter.

Not to mention, sometimes we just need an introduction. So, while introducing someone, or yourself to your own vagina may seem scary at first, using the technology of can help make it easier.

Want to try it? Sign up here!

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