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Turn Your Cramps Off, Literally.

Livia, an off switch for your period!

This sure does sound like a dream, but according to Professor Bari Kaplan of Women’s Hospital in Beilinson, Israel the Livia machine can actually turn your cramps off!

Meet Livia, the off switch for your menstrual cramps.


Period cramps suck, especially if you have certain conditions like endometriosis, secondary dysmenorrhea, fibroids, pelvic inflammatory disease, or even hormonal birth control pills and IUD’s – period cause pain, period. Livia has found a way to close pain gates by stimulating nerves and blocking the pain from passing to the brain, cool right?!

The technology works by transmitting pulses to keep the nerves busy, so the pain cannot be felt. According to Professor and Doctor Bari Kaplan, this method of pain reduction is backed my clinical studies too! 

belly_ba33ot.jpgFor many women, including myself, menstrual pain can be excruciating. Painful periods can make work, exercise, and daily life responsibilities impossible to do. To cope, often times women are prescribed Naproxen Sodium (similar to Aleve) or other stronger pain medications, like prescription pain killers. However, prescription pain medication can create other major medical problems, not to mention addiction. Other than pain meds, women are told to go home, put your feet up and put a heating pad on, but not until now could women be told to go home and turn your period off!

As of right now Livia is a start up and they’re looking for backers. Honestly Naked is not yet affiliated with this company, but will be supporting it as this could be the beginning of breakthrough technology that can give many women, including myself a lot of relief. Here at Honestly Naked we’re still interested in learning more about this product, and we want to see that there are no adverse effects, but for now… sounds painless, literally!

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