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The Stork: It’s Real and Can Get You Pregnant! (User Review Included)

The Stork is not just a mythical creature, it's an at-home conception device that can help replace the need for an IUI. Stork, what was once a mystical figure thought to have delivered babies to couples, is now a cervical cap insemination device used to aid in the process of becoming pregnant.

Although the process of conception has naturally occurred since the beginning of time, sometimes conception doesn’t come naturally.  Getting pregnant is easy for some, but for others it can be a long, hard, emotional journey.  There are many factors that can make becoming pregnant difficult, and The Stork is designed to help eliminate some of those aspects.

The Stork is designed for couples that are trying to become pregnant who may not be ready to seek out options such as in-clinic treatment options like IUI (intrauterine insemination), and IVF (in vitro fertilization). In the US, one single IUI can cost about $865 on average and IVF is about $12k without the medications needed for it to work, making The Stork, a very affordable option at only $79.99 from major retailers (or $59.99 when you buy it from their site!)

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The Stork has shown to increase pregnancy success up to 20%. It helps prevent the backflow of semen out of the vagina. The Stork delivers a 3 times higher concentration of sperm score value to the cervix compared to concentration of sperm at cervix with natural intercourse. With the growth of male factor infertility, 3 times the sperm value can make a significant impact for couples trying to conceive. Out of the millions of sperm, conception only requires a small amount, although for those who have trouble conceiving, the prevention of the loss of semen from the vagina helps increase the sperm count that can help to fertilize the egg.

One big difference between The Stork and an IUI preformed by a doctor is that the IUI is done after the semen has been washed, and the sperm are prepared for optimal chances of pregnancy. The Stork puts all the seminal fluid into the cervical cap, and is unable to separate the sperm from the seminal fluid.


The cervical cap also facilitates sperm to bypass the vaginal environment quickly reducing the risk of sperm loss in the vaginal tract. The pressure of trying to become pregnant can create strain on a relationship and the Stork allows for couples to try and become pregnant without having intercourse. The Stork kit also allows for some privacy for the couple if they don’t want to have intercourse because of all the anxiety that builds up with the constant disappointment of not being able to become pregnant. Before trying different fertility methods that can be extremely draining on ones bank account, try the Stork to not only increase the chance of becoming pregnant, but also decrease the stress and anxiety associated with the financial costs associated with becoming pregnant.

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We reached out to a few users and one agreed to anonymously provide a product review for our readers’ benefit! 

STORK OTC Product Review

My partner and I decided to try the stork while we were TTC (trying to conceive). It is significantly cheaper than an IUI, and I figured how hard can it be to use it? Well, the directions are a bit complicated, and while the product is fabulous, if you do not press the right button, it can result in the cervical cap releasing without the string attached, making it incredibly difficult to get it out after the 6-hour time requirement! 

The condom is a bit thick, as is the cervical cap so it was difficult to have sex with the condom and cervical cap on and have it feel pleasurable. I have my partner oral sex, and then after he ejaculated, I spit the the semen into the cervical cup, inserted it into the device and retracted the wand, like the directions says to. Not sure if the saliva effected the semen, but we figured it was worth a shot! After we put the cap into the device we tried to get it to stay, and it fell on the floor. It was a bit of a mess, and is a bit difficult to maneuver! Luckily the cap fell face up so we didn’t lose our entire batch of semen! I would have been really pissed, and it would make it more difficult for us to have a good sperm count. 

Once we got the cap in place, I inserted it into my vagina, and when I felt it couldn’t go any farther, I pressed the button, and felt a release, so I let go and pulled the wand out. When the wand was successfully removed I realized that there was NO STRING. I cannot stress enough the importance of reading the directions, carefully and more than once. Apparently, I pressed the wrong button, and released only the cap without the string. 


It took 15 minutes, two tries and some squatting, pushing and almost a pseudo-birthing session to get the cervical cap to come out of my vagina when the time came for it to be removed. Let’s say, while the device is a great option for at-home users, it was messy and difficult to remove. However, had I followed the directions more carefully, it probably would have been a better experience. I will also mention there was 0 discomfort wearing the device, and it did not hurt to remove it, despite how difficult it was to get it out without the string. 

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