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Both Males and Females Get Smegma?!

Both men and women get smegma, but most people think it's something only guys get. Understanding what smegma is and how to get rid of it is important for everyone because everyone can get it!

If you’re reading this, you may be wondering what smegma is…. and if you have heard of it, you may have also thought only guys get it (women get it too!) Those who do know what smegma is, definitely don’t jump at the chance to explain it, so we’ll do that for you!

What is SMEGMA?

1518039633466.jpgSmegma is most commonly known as a white build up of skin cells, oils and other fluids. Some people have called it “dick cheese” or say that it has a resemblance to smeared cottage cheese. Interestingly, smegma has a reputation as something that only guys experience, however smegma occurs in women too.



In males, smegma is most commonly seen under the foreskin of a penis or in the space between the edge of the glans and the beginning of the shaft.  You can get smegma whether you’re circumcised or not.

Females can find smegma buildup in the inner folds of the labia minora (inner lips of the vulva),  labia majora (the outer lips of the vulva), around the clitoris, and under the clitoral hood.

What Does It Look Like? 

The fluid that causes the build up of smegma is a part of normal bodily function. It is essentially the build up of penile/vaginal fluids, body sweat, and oils that accumulate and create a pasty like substance.   Smegma is NOT an sexually transmitted infection, and cannot be spread from one person to another. If it is not well taken care of, smegma can breed bacteria which could become problematic.

Smegma can be characterized as:

  • White or darker depending on natural skin tone
  • Thick and creamy consistency
  • Unusual scent, can smell fishy
  • Itchy genital area (if not taken care of )

Smegma that isn’t taken care of can cause problems but it is not dangerous. In a male, smegma when not taken care of can harden under the foreskin of the penis and create a very painful experience and condition called balantis. In females, the smegma can cause the clitoral hood to stick to the clitoral shaft which would also be quite painful.

In relation to both male and females, smegma can also cause

  • Irritation
  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Inflammation

Smegma and Sex!

Smegma can also occur after sexual activity, especially if you don’t shower right away from the build up of lubricants, either natural lubrication (spit, vaginal secretions, pre-cum) or store-bought lubricant.

Smegma can also cause a strange unappealing smell to occur on a penis or vagina, which may be noticed during sexual activity.


How to get rid of it!?

Since smegma stems from lack of personal hygiene, the treatment for it is hygiene! The best treatment for smegma is to wash ones genitals… now that seems pretty obvious, but then we think, how?

For uncircumcised men, pull the foreskin down gently to expose the smegma and wash with warm water. Always avoid using heavily scented soaps (or any soap at all)! If irritation occurs, just use warm water. For females, use your fingers to move your labia majora and minora aside, as well as the clitoral hood with your pointer finger and your middle finger and you can use your fingers to gently wipe the vaginal lips to remove any smegma that may be present.

After washing your genitals, rinse and dry well. Using lotions and baby powder or Gold Bond can also cause more smegma to occur. When washing, repeat the steps daily until the smegma is no longer present.  If the buildup does not stop or if it gets worse, make sure to contact your doctor, as this can be the symptoms of something else

There is so much stigma around smegma, people think it’s embarrassing to say it, or admit they have it, but it is actually quite normal. Just like many of the things we talk about here at Honestly Naked, just because it isn’t spoken about often doesn’t mean that it’s something to be embarrassed about.

Smegma is rarely a dangerous or a serious condition.

To prevent smegma remembering to take care of ones personal hygiene is a step in the right direction. Our bodies clean themselves, but we have to pitch in too!

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